Enblick in den Lichthof des Albertinum
© SKD, Foto: David Brandt

Johannes Kahrs

In the series Schaukabinett, the New Masters Gallery shows paintings by the Berlin artist Johannes Kahrs (*1965). Kahrs uses images from newspapers, magazines, advertisements and film stills as sources for his paintings. Often violence, brutality, excess, lust, damage or pains are displayed.

  • DATES 11/12/2012—03/03/2013


Although these images illustrate certain events in the mass media and point to actual social, political or cultural backgrounds, Kahrs detaches their appearances and effects from the realities of the depicted. The motives are cut, their spatial localization and arrangement reversed, some details are erased while others are accentuated. The clear outlines of figures and objects vanish into a painterly blur, in which visible and implied moments are condensed into a tensioned suspense. Johannes Kahrs transfers the alleged clearness and readability of our daily imagery into suggestive and ambiguous scenes, in which only painting is in charge.

weitere Ausstellungen

Further Exhibitions
15.07.2017 —19.11.2017

Geniale Dilletanten

im Albertinum

Foto von A. R. Penck am Schlagzeug
17.02.2018 —06.05.2018

Susan Philipsz. Separated Strings

im Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau

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