mehrere schwarz-weiß Fotografien mit Spaziergängern
© SKD, Foto: Herbert Boswank

Jens Klein. Hundewege. Index eines konspirativen Alltags

The Galerie Neue Meister presents for the first time Jens Klein’s work  “Hundewege. Index eines konspirativen Alltags [Dog Ways. Index of a Conspiratorial Weekday]” (2012) on the occasion of the theater festival “Parallel Lives – Das 20. Jahrhundert durch die Augen der Geheimdienste gesehen” (Parallel Lives- the 20th century seen through the eyes of the intelligence) of the Dresden Staatsschauspiel (19 – 22 June 2014). The festival deals with the action and remains of the intelligence in countries of the former Eastern bloc.

  • DATES 05/04/2014—13/07/2014


mehrere schwarz-weiß Fotografien mit Spaziergängern
© SKD, Foto: Herbert Boswank
Jens Klein, Spaziergänger, 2012 30 Fotografien als Tableau, Archiv-Pigmentdruck hinter Glas, 29,7 x 21 cm (Größe variabel)


30 photographs of this broad series of works were acquired within the realm of the annual purchases of the Kunstfonds in 2013. Jens Klein used surveillance photos from the Stasi Documentation Office for this photo work. The black-and-white photos depict people and different places that where observed. The obviously unartistic quality and blur of the photos, that were taken fast and secretly, correlate with the obscure circumstances of their creation.

Klein assembled the image material in typological series and does this without any contextualization. Within the sequencing of the recurring motives, the images having no explaining text lose their documentary character of proof. They turn into banal unspecified snapshots of anonymous persons in everyday life. Without the Stasi context they can be ‘read’ quite differently.


in cooperation with Dresden Staatsschauspiel

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