Max Pechstein, Das gelbschwarze Trikot, 1910
© Max Pechstein Urheberrechtsgesellschaft, Hamburg/ Tökendorf, Foto: Brücke-Museum, Nick Ash

The Yellow-Black Jersey

The Brücke Museum at the Albertinum

"The Yellow-Black Jersey" by Max Pechstein from the Brücke Museum in Berlin is one of the incunabula of expressionist painting. As part of a cooperation, it will be temporarily exhibited in Dresden alongside four other major works from Berlin, while important works from the Albertinum will be shown in Berlin and Bernried.

  • DATES 09/10/2019—30/08/2020

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Pechstein painted in a fast manner. It was precisely this immediacy and originality in art and life that the young painters of the artists' group "Brücke", which was founded in Dresden in 1905, sought. The popular model Fränzi poses in a bathing costume in a summer landscape. The schematic drawing of the bathers in the background was inspired by carving art from the Palau Islands from the Museum für Völkerkunde Dresden.

The fleeting nature of the sketch appeared to the artists to be more true-to-life and authentic than academic painting. Erich Heckel's "Young Man and Girl" from 1909 shows how sketch-like elements found their way into painting. The artists wanted to let luminous colour work as its own expressive value in large areas. Karl Schmidt-Rottluff consistently shows this in his landscape "Roter Giebel".

© Max Pechstein Urheberrechtsgesellschaft, Hamburg/ Tökendorf, Foto: Brücke-Museum, Nick Ash
Max Pechstein, Das gelbschwarze Trikot, 1910 Öl auf Leinwand, 68 x 78 cm Brücke-Museum, Dauerleihgabe aus Privatbesitz

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The members of the "Brücke", which until 1907 included Emil Nolde, received impulses to understand artistic forms more simply and generously by studying African and Oceanic art. Nolde's painting "Wooden Figure" from 1912 shows how freely and associatively the painter was able to deal with models and suggestions. 

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