Foto mit beweglichen Rahmen im Lichthof des Albertinums
© Maria Nordman


Maria Nordman’s work is an active piece. She is able to move, to involve and to engage us in generating an open, observant society that builds its cities not against but with and in nature, on earth and in light. Her films, sculptures and drawings, her texts, books, lectures and interventions but foremost her work with people are contributions, even components, of what she calls “geoaesthetics”. It is an aesthetic of the world that was given us to live and that at the same time is created by us.

  • DATES 13/07/2014—07/09/2014


Following an invitation of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Maria Nordman shows “Standing Pictures” between July and September in the Lichthof at the Albertinum. It is an exhibition of slim vertical boxes that contain drawings and photographs which can be pulled out by the visitors. In the course of the exhibition, sometimes in a day or in an hour, it is possible that changing constellations of images are created. During the exhibition, Maria Nordman will reposition the “Standing Pictures” together with children, teenagers and students in the Lichthof.

Maria Nordman has been living in the US since 1953. Between 1961-1967, she studied art and film at the University of Los Angeles and participated in the 1977 Venice Biennial and in the documenta 6, 7 and 8. Works of the artists are in important museums and private collections in North America and Europe.

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